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Manoj H
I am currently a third-year student in the Department of BBA, and my experience here has been nothing short of exceptional. The department fosters a collaborative and interactive learning environment. Beyond academics, there are numerous extracurricular activities that cater to various interests. My time in the Department of BBA has been transformative as it has brought out the event organizer in me. I feel well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, both academically and professionally.

Ananya R
One aspect that stands out about the Department of BBA is its inclusive approach to learning and growing. I have gained not only a firm foundation in business administration but also the confidence and skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive global landscape. I am grateful for the unwavering support of the faculties and the enriching experiences that have shaped my academic and personal development.

Sneha A
Being a part of the KLE IBM has been and continues to be a genuine fulfilment and privilege. KLE IBM is a pool of finest faculties. The Department of BBA authentically believes in the all round personality enhancement of students. Imbibing professionalism in students from day one is resulted in exceptional performance in all the events organized.
KLE IBM has not just helped me in excelling in academics but also nurtured my personal growth.

Jeevan Kumar D L
“I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support I have received from the department throughout my sports journey. The encouragement, resources, and guidance provided by the dedicated staff have been instrumental in shaping my athletic career. The department’s commitment to fostering not only academic but also athletic growth has made a significant impact on my overall development.”

RaviShankar N
“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the department for their exceptional support in both my sports and musical pursuits. I am also thankful for the department’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals and providing opportunities for students to excel in diverse fields.”

Deepashree Kulkarni
“I will not just leave with a degree; I will leave with a holistic understanding of business and a network of mentors and peers that will undoubtedly contribute to my future success. I wholeheartedly recommend the BBA Department to anyone seeking a dynamic and enriching education in business administration.”